Depending on the types of games you like, you can still find many of the classics as well as a few new games that might fit your preferences. Remember to look for best dice games that have a player count that will work for your needs and a game length that won’t cause players to get bored and leave. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best board games for adults to play at your next party or family game night.

Hasbro Midnight Taboo Game

Play Midnight Taboo Game to get an incredible late-night fun experience. This is an adult-rated version of the popular Taboo game that gives you hilarious moments while you race against the clock.

All you need to do is get your team to guess the target word found on your card without uses forbidden words as clues. Midnight Taboo Game provides for a hysterical game where the team that gives the best description and clues wins.

Pros Cons

  • This is a fun game for groups of friends


  • Its an easy to learn game that is fast paced


  • This is a great team game



  • Not a game for kids



Intended to create quality time for couples, OUR MOMENTS Couples provide an opportunity for a couple that just met or a couple that has been married for years to have thoughtful and productive conversations. A chance to focus on each other, this game includes 100 question cards that allow you to enjoy each other while opening your heart and listening to your partner. This is a great game for car trips or a way to start a conversation as you wind down at night.

As a perfect conversation starter, OUR MOMENT Couples allows you to put away your phone and connect with your loved one. With thought-provoking questions, this deck of cards will let you connect through an open atmosphere and provide an opening for future communication. This game allows you to focus on each other and set aside time for just the two of you.

Pros Cons

This is a great game to play at home or in the car


It doesn’t have hard and fast rules


It’s a perfect way to create quality time



It’s a little more difficult for a couple who has been together longer.


Some couples find it leads to confrontations


Mad Gab Game

Working to decipher word groups that are unrelated, teams turn these words into actual phrases before they run out of time. The faster you guess the correct words, the higher your score. Mad Gab Games gives you two minutes to sound out three puzzles with clues provides on cards.

Ideal for two or more players, you get 200 cards along with 800 puzzles to have a fun team challenge evening. Sure to create a hilarious evening with a group of friends and family, Mad Gab Game is designed for players ten years and older.

This game is all about what you hear and not what you say. By deciphers these groups of unrelated works, repetition becomes the key to the puzzle. While it may seem like you are speaking a strange language, you will quickly learn it is a common phrase.

Pros Cons

  • It is a fun team game that is perfect for game night


  • This is a fast-paced game that older kids will enjoy


  • There are tons of puzzles, so you can play it over and over without repeating games



  • It takes some time to get the hang of


  • You have to have good at listening to yourself to play well