In the world of business and career, you might feel layout in creative thinking. Some of you may feel you don’t have the opportunity to think creatively because there are many factors that occur in your work environment. In fact, do you know that creative thinking is something that you can use wherever you are, including in your work environment?

Creative thinking, trying to see things from a different perspective and perspective. By thinking creatively, you are able to capture unusual opportunities for profit. You can visit “CBD Oil” to find relevant information.

Some of you may be born with higher creative thinking abilities than others. However, actually, the ability to think creatively can always be trained and develop over time. Here are 7 ways you can improve your ability to think creatively!

Equip yourself with extensive knowledge

To develop your creative thinking skills, increasing your insight into what is happening in the world is one of the things that must be done. There are many ways to increase your insight, such as participating in discussions, coming to various seminars and classes, etc. But there is one simple thing you can do, which is reading.

In addition to reading topics that you really like, there’s nothing wrong with you also reading news and stories outside your favorite fields to enrich your knowledge of the world. Someone who has the ability to think creatively who is a good ability to see the world from various perspectives. By reading, you will be able to understand things from various perspectives.

Write something every day, even without a topic

Take it easy, you are not required to write a novel, really.

Writing is sometimes difficult for those who are not used to it. But in fact, writing can train your ability to think creatively. Some people even have imaginations that actually deserve to be written into writing. By training yourself to write, you will automatically train yourself to imagine and think creatively.

It doesn’t need to be too long, you can start this habit by writing 300–500 words every day. Writing can keep you inspired and make your mind active at all times.

Take time to watch movies every week

Who doesn’t like movies and watching movies?

The film has its own way of activating your ability to think creatively. Sitting in a comfortable chair with a large screen, accompanied by your chosen movie, can certainly make your mind more active to digest the story you are watching.

Some of you often try to guess the plot of the film, try to follow the plot and resolve the conflict. Without you knowing it, you are training yourself to think creatively.

Choose your food

If you want to develop your ability to think creatively, consume foods that don’t need a long process to consume. Familiarize yourself to more often consume boiled foods.

Fish that come from cold seas are also recommended for those who want to improve brain performance. Fish coming from the cold sea are believed to have higher Omega 3 content than normal fish, such as salmon or sardines.

As a source of carbohydrates and fiber, it’s a good idea to consume foods made from wheat. The wheat content in a portion of food can help your body increase its antioxidant content. Also consume vegetables and fruits regularly, and various types of nuts. Various nutrients for the brain can be easily found such as in pharmacies and CBD Oil Canada.

If there is time, then go on vacation! Who doesn’t like to take a vacation?

Even research believes that if you go on vacation, especially traveling to an area that has a different culture with you, your ability to think creatively will increase.

Regional differences can show significant differences in culture. By accepting different customs or cultures, you will enrich your insight into other cultures and train yourself to think about ways to survive in other countries. Now you know, that the ability to think creatively is not only those who are born like that, but you too can if you train yourself to do it.

Use your creative ideas and the ability to think creatively at every opportunity. By thinking creatively, of course, you will feel your work and your activities are more colorful. Find lots of job opportunities that give you the opportunity to think creatively.